We will be valued as an influential and high quality landlord, a forward thinking employer and a trusted partner in our core communities



We are responsible for ensuring that the electrical installation in your home is safe and in line with the current standards. It is important that we are in the best position to protect our residents as well as remaining compliant with legislation.

As electrical components can fail, it is vital that a certified or qualified electrician checks the condition of cables and fittings from time to time. Electrical standards change over the course of time and we want to ensure your home is operating to the current standards, guaranteeing residents are kept safe and that homes are well maintained.

We are working hard to make sure your home is tested every five years. To achieve this, we have developed a programme which our contractors will carry out on our behalf. In order to achieve this, we ask that residents work with us to provide access and prevent the need for formal procedures to take place.


As a landlord, we want to ensure that are tenants are in the safest possible conditions when in their homes. Therefore, as a resident, it is important to help us to help you. By allowing us to carry out our health and safety procedures, you can be confident that you are living in a safe and stable environment.

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