We will deliver continuing efficiencies to achieve improved Value for Money



Over the past two years, our staff have been working with a specialist provider to develop a custom-made housing management system that will allow them to communicate with and manage resident’s tenancies in a more efficient way.

What is a housing management system?
A housing management system helps our staff maintain records of all our residents and their rent information in a single location.

How will the new system work?
The new housing management system’s design focuses on simplifying processes and allowing us to manage our time more effectively.

The system will be accessible using an electronic tablet, allowing staff to fill in forms securely, as well as having the ability to obtain crucial information on the go. As a result, staff are able to complete actions in real time whereas previously they would have had to return to the office in order to do this.

By providing simple and efficient electronic services, we hope that this encourages residents to engage with us online and begin to use the features that are available through our website, such as updating their basic details, checking rent balances and ordering rent payment cards. The new system is due to launch in early 2019.

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