Understanding how to engage with a wide range of people is key in delivering services to those we work with.

With over 1,500 homes across a vast array of locations, we regularly interact with people from different backgrounds and lifestyles.

As such, we try to reflect this through the staff that we employ. We believe that having a diverse staff gives us a distinct advantage, and allows us to benefit from the different skillsets and experiences that our staff bring to CCHA.

Not only that, but we have found that having a diverse workforce allows us to form better relationships with our residents and understand their needs better.

(CCHA staff pictured above)


Kirsty, Business Support Manager says:

‘I run CCHA’s Business Support Team and part of my role is to oversee staffing and recruitment. As explained here, we absolutely believe having a diverse workforce adds value to the organisation. We go out of our way to try and bring staff together and celebrate people’s differences.

For example in August 2018 we had an employee lunch where staff cooked or brought food from their country/ background for us all to try. It was a great success – lots of people joined in and it was all delicious!