We will maximise the quality and value of our homes



Exploring partnership opportunities with organisations who share our values has been an ongoing aim for us that we’ve never lost sight of.

CCHA’s history began with a single supported housing scheme and we remain committed to supported housing for as long as our community needs it.

Changes in funding and local authority requirements has made continuing to manage these schemes increasingly difficult for us. We made the decision to collaborate with other providers who offer support services in the borough but need more accommodation to meet their growing need.

Leasing properties to like-minded organisations means that whilst we continue to own the buildings, they would manage it and support their residents.

An example of this is our recent partnership with Emmaus, a charity striving to end homelessness, who were looking to expand their services in Croydon.

We had a vacant property in Auckland Road which they felt was perfect for a new service and we were able to offer it to them.

We are also working with Emmaus to provide homes for some of their clients who have progressed through their services and are ready to live independently. This has started a really positive and exciting relationship and I look forward to seeing where this takes us in the future.

‘Working with CCHA has been an absolute pleasure. We are delighted at the help we have been given to assist our “companions” (formerly homeless people) move on to independent living in quality accommodation.

We’re currently working together on a plan to make a real difference to the lives of homeless people in Croydon, and the support we’ve been given from all at CCHA since meeting with Tracy and Karen on day one has been first class.’