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I was born in 1949 in Mason’s Hill hospital in Bromley. My earliest memories are of cold, damp, gloomy rooms in old Victorian houses.

The winter of 1953 was especially bad and found us living in a single room in Beckenham with my mother and two sisters. My mum was so poor that she could rarely afford a shilling for the gas meter so we all slept in the same bed just to keep warm. I remember crying because I had chilblains (sores due to cold) and never feeling warm in the winter. I hated England and it’s weather with a passion.

In 1955 we joined my father in Gambia, where I grew up loving the sunshine and warmth. England and the cold became a distant memory, and I vowed never to set foot here again. However, in 1978 I found myself back in the UK due to unexpected circumstances for what I thought would be a few months. Having married a year later, we could only afford an old Victorian maisonette and it was back to a cold gloomy Victorian house for the next 30 years. In October we abandoned the living room until Spring due to the cold and ice forming on the inside of the windows! Eventually we put in double glazing and central heating but the depressing gloom remained a hated feature of my life affecting my mental health.
Dillon Court is the very opposite of that lifelong experience! Warm, light, airy, even with a lovely balcony to enjoy the Summer weather. For 39 years I looked forward to emigrating to warmer climates, but no more. In Summer, the view from Dillon Court makes me feel like I’m in Madeira or Florida living in a luxury apartment. It’s truly a lovely place to live and I look forward to spending the rest of my life here, in Dillon Court. Thank you CCHA and the team. Well done!